• “Happy path” is clear. The analyst has one and only one starting point.

  • A design language is established and will be prevalent throughout the demo.

  • Search results are intelligently displayed on the left, revealing a visualization canvas on the right.

  • Icons are consistent and communicate the entities well.

  • More information about an entity is revealed in a drawer to the right of the selected entity.

  • UI is touch-friendly and uses direct interaction to interface with demo.

Early in 2014, i2 integrated their software with Watson Discovery Advisor in a new concept demo. Using AMC's Breaking Bad episode entries from Wikipedia as the corpus, it was met with great interest, so much so that they were added to the list of demos to be presented at the new Astor Place grand opening in October. My team recognized a winning opportunity and decided to design this experience from the perspective of the user; in this case, Hank Shrader, the DEA agent assigned to finding out more about the new big drug on the streets, Blue Meth. My team, consisting of two UX designers, a visual designer and a front end developer, collaborated with the development team at i2 to create a new story, a new UI and a new Watson experience.
  • Skills : Design Leadership, Creative Direction

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